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Welcome to Axis Podiatry®

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment for problems of the foot and associated structures FOR ATHLETES, CLUBS AND INDIVIDUALS.

As a doctorate level podiatrist with over 15 years NHS experience and over 10 years experience working in professional sport, I will assess your biomechanics and advise how to correct them depending on your level of activity, occupation and footwear, resulting in a decrease or elimination of symtoms such as foot & ankle, lower limb or back pain.

Biomechanical Assessment

A special assessment which enables me to decide which is the most appropriate method to improve and support the way you walk.
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GaitScan Analysis

Complimentary to the Biomechanical assessment, this system analyses gait and detects unusual foot functions which may be affecting other parts of the body.
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Orthotic Prescription

Using my knowledge and experience I will design an orthotic prescription taking in to consideration the podiatric biomechanical assessment, the results of the Gaitscan, the sport you are involved in and your preferred footwear. [Read More]

Doctorate Research

My published research on the use of foot orthoses for chronic low back pain means I have the expertise to treat this debilitating condition with great success.
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Are your orthotics hurting your feet???

Properly fitting, custom orthotics should not hurt! If they do then maybe you need to reconsider your prescription.  This is why athletes, footballers, runners, [read more]


I’ve been working on my google information which should now be up to date. There are images and you should be able to find [read more]


I have returned to Wilmslow where it all began with my sports injury and biomechanics clinic. I now have a new gaitscan and a PhD [read more]


Axis Podiatry can now see you from a new base at A6 Physiotherapy in Chorley. The clinic is behind Fredericks ice cream parlour on [read more]