December 2016

Merry Christmas!!! 


To all Axis Podiatry patients hope you’re having a lovely Christmas and managing to burn off some of those extra calories now you have happier feet since your treatment!


2017 clinics


So today I held my last Chorley clinic for 2016 and on Wednesday evening it will be my last 2016 clinic at The Wilmslow Hospital, 52 Alderley Road. 

I will be back in Chorley on Sunday the 8th January and then alternate Sundays throughout 2017.

Back in Wilmslow on Wednesday evening the 4th January and then alternate Wednesday evenings throughout 2017.

I hope all of my patients past and present have had a healthy 2016, enjoy the Christmas holidays and are back fighting fit ready for 2017.

Thanks for supporting me and my private practice Axis Podiatry!

Best Wishes

Lindsay. xxxx

So this is what I used to do before I had kids……..


Save your high heels for those special occasions!


You may not realise the damage your high heels are doing to your feet until it’s too late.

Wearing high heels on a regular basis over a long period of time can gradually damage the bones and soft tissues of your feet and lower legs. They can result in the dreaded osteoarthritis at a much younger age than you might expect. Wearing high heels regularly can also cause shortening of your Achilles tendons as well as tight calf muscles.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a pair of nice high heels for a night out but you will never catch me wearing heels for an 8 hour day at work, a shopping trip or a day out with the kids. High heels make you feel taller, slimmer and more dressed up but they just aren’t good for your feet.

These images are of the right foot of a recent patient of mine. A 76 year old female who has worn heels almost every day of her life and doesn’t want to stop now.

Do you think she might have osteoarthritis of her 1st mtp joint (big toe) ??????

Take care of your feet. You only get one pair and they need to last you a long time!

Thanks for reading

Dr Lindsay A Hill

Are your orthotics hurting your feet???


Properly fitting, custom orthotics should not hurt! If they do then maybe you need to reconsider your prescription. 

This is why athletes, footballers, runners, golfers or anyone who spends a lot of time using their feet should see an experienced sports podiatrist with a special interest in orthotic therapy.

I have been a podiatrist for 18 years now and have specialised in sports injuries and biomechanics for 15 years. 

I have owned a TOG gaitscan pressure plate system ever since I came across TOG orthotics in 2004. 

Yes they might be a bit more expensive and you have to pay for your assessment with myself but when it comes to your feet they are worth it! 

The quality of the orthotics is the best I have come across and they have a lifetime manufacturers warranty against breakage or splitting. The choice in modifications and additions, style, fit and material means that you can get exactly what you need in your personalised prescription.

So don’t let your orthotics do this to your feet…… 

come and see me for a biomechanical assessment and a gaitscan then we can discuss your requirements. 

Thanks for reading

Dr Lindsay A Hill 



I’ve been working on my google information which should now be up to date. There are images and you should be able to find the clinic on google maps. Please leave me a review if you love your orthotics so others know where to come. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️