Dec 9, 2016

Are your orthotics hurting your feet???


Properly fitting, custom orthotics should not hurt! If they do then maybe you need to reconsider your prescription. 

This is why athletes, footballers, runners, golfers or anyone who spends a lot of time using their feet should see an experienced sports podiatrist with a special interest in orthotic therapy.

I have been a podiatrist for 18 years now and have specialised in sports injuries and biomechanics for 15 years. 

I have owned a TOG gaitscan pressure plate system ever since I came across TOG orthotics in 2004. 

Yes they might be a bit more expensive and you have to pay for your assessment with myself but when it comes to your feet they are worth it! 

The quality of the orthotics is the best I have come across and they have a lifetime manufacturers warranty against breakage or splitting. The choice in modifications and additions, style, fit and material means that you can get exactly what you need in your personalised prescription.

So don’t let your orthotics do this to your feet…… 

come and see me for a biomechanical assessment and a gaitscan then we can discuss your requirements. 

Thanks for reading

Dr Lindsay A Hill