January 2017

My number 1 exercise tip!!! 


This is the exercise I prescribe to almost every patient that walks into my clinic.

I advise it for children, teens, adults and pensioners alike.

Whether you are pretty sedentary, on your feet all day as a housewife and busy mum, stand all day as part of your job or keep yourself fit and partake in lots of sport these muscles become tight!

Evidence has shown that 80% of foot and ankle problems are caused or made worse by tightness in this muscle group.

So….. what is this miracle stretching regime????

The good old calf stretch!!!!

The routine I recommend based on the literature, my clinical experience and patient outcomes is a long static stretch as demonstrated in the picture above, no need to bounce, and just hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3 times on each leg and carry out this routine 3 times each day. 

This exercise alone can work wonders and I won’t fit orthotics until the tightness has been addressed. Sometimes orthotics are not required once the patient has regained the minimum range of movement required for normal function. 

So there you go, a really simple thing you can all do to prevent problems or treat yourself before you contact me. 

Happy Stretching!!!!

Thanks for reading, Lindsay