If you are concerned in any way about your child’s feet then I can assess your child in clinic. Your child’s health is important and any walking problems are best seen sooner rather than later if only for advice. It may be that reassurance is all that is required but this can be invaluable in putting your mind at rest. Usually treatment with orthoses wouldn’t be indicated until at least 3 years of age and more often from the age of around 8 years old.

It costs £100 for a 30-40 minute appointment.

In this time I will assess the biomechanics of your child along with some gait analysis to observe your child’s walking. Footwear can be reviewed and advice given, then if necessary specialised children’s’ orthotics can be provided to correct any biomechanical abnormalities found during the assessment.

Usually I would not prescribe expensive fully custom made orthoses for children whilst they are still growing. There are many off the shelf orthoses that can be customised to your child’s needs, provide all the support and correction required and are much more cost effective whilst still achieving the desired outcome.

For in-toeing or out-toeing problems specialised gait plates are usually required (dependent on severity) and I can prescribe and fit these.

As a mum of an 11 year old boy and a 9 year old girl I know myself how worrying it can be when you are not sure what is normal and what is not. You can be reassured that I would only treat your child if I would do the same to my own.