Axis Podiatry’s services can be accessed through regular private clinics (no need for a consultant or GP referral). My primary clinic is in Chorley (Lancashire), with a satellite clinic at The Wilmslow Hospital on Wednesdays.



It costs £150 for an adult podiatric biomechanical assessment which includes gait analysis using my TOG GaitScan.

A consultation usually takes 40 – 45 minutes.

An orthotic prescription costs anything from £75 up to £275 depending on prescription requirements, specification and longevity.

Refurbishment of AXIS podiatry orthoses provided by TOG costs £80 all incl of return postage costs to Canada.

A review appointment of 30 minutes will cost £90 if within 2 years of the original assesment. If over 2 years then I will probably need to re-assess you as a new patient.

For children the price depends on the age and developmental stage of the individual but is usually the cost of an adult review (£90).

I have now introduced an 30 minute online video consultation at £40. This can be used for my opinion on anything foot related, for me to see your current orthoses and decide if an alteration or a refurbishment is required or for a pre-assessment to decide if a full assessment in clinic with me is advised or if I can refer you to someone else more appropriate.  

Chorley Base

A6 Physiotherapy
Bell Reno
Bolton Road

Wilmslow Base

The Wilmslow Hospital
52 Alderley Road