As a doctorate level podiatrist with 24 years NHS experience and over 18 years experience working in professional sport, I will assess your biomechanics and advise how to correct them depending on your level of activity, occupation and footwear, resulting in a decrease or elimination of symptoms such as foot & ankle, lower limb or back pain.

Biomechanical Assessment

A special assessment which enables me to decide which is the most appropriate method to improve and support the way you walk.

GaitScan Analysis

Complimentary to the Biomechanical assessment, this system analyses gait and detects unusual foot functions which may be affecting other parts of the body. I have many years experience of interpreting this data and using it along with my knowledge and the findings of my biomechanical assessment to design a bespoke orthotic prescription specific to your requirements. 

Orthotic Prescription

Using my knowledge and experience I will design an orthotic prescription taking in to consideration the podiatric biomechanical assessment, the results of the Gaitscan, the sport you are involved in and your preferred footwear. 

Squad Screening

I also offer a screening service where I will come to a club and assess either part of or a full squad of players. This involves assessing and gait scanning those chosen squad members whether injured or not. I will write a full report for each player with an interpretation of findings for each individual.

This can be used as a way of detecting those players where orthotic prescription may prevent injury. It is a good way of determining high, medium and low risk players and prioritising club expenditure in this area.

In the longterm it can prove an effective way of reducing pressure on the whole medical team and can also prove very cost effective.